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100% Kona Decaf Coffee 12oz

100% Kona Decaf Coffee 12oz

SKU: dcf12

Due to such high demands and low yields, we outsourced this coffee from an award winning non-organic kona coffee farm and we take this coffee to a local processor who uses the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) method of decaffeinating coffee.  The all-natural CO2 process removes the caffeine by acting as a bonding agent that attaches to the caffeine molecules. Unlike other common decaffeinated processes that uses chemicals to dissolve the caffeine in beans, the flavor of the coffee becomes compromised, thus the "decaf" taste. Our all-natural CO2 process removes most of the unwanted caffeine (98.7%), while maintaining the regular taste of the coffee.


Our coffee is not only safer for your consumption, it is cleaner for our environment too.


Decaffeinated coffee is NOT caffeine free, drinking a few cups of any decaf may result in feeling some effects of caffeine. 


*To be labeled "Caffeine Free" means that the initial product in its natural form before processing has no caffeine to start with. ALL DECAF COFFEE CONTAINS SMALL TRACES OF CAFFEINE, THE PERCENTAGES MAY VARY.


* The above picure is for size reference only.  


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